Author Marie Marley Shares Tips for Caregivers

From Maria

Carolyn is an 85-year-old retired school teacher living independently in Houston, Texas. She is beginning to need assistance managing her affairs and caring for herself. She’s having problems with bathing, dressing, cooking, getting to doctor appointments, doing her shopping and paying her bills. Her only child, Ralph, lives in Dayton, Ohio. He worries about his mother constantly and wishes he lived closer so he could help her out. He knows he needs to take action; he just doesn’t know what to do.
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Maria Shriver Shares Brain Health Tips from Leading Experts

By Maria Shriver

The first groundbreaking Move for Minds event brought together leading brain experts from around the country both to dispel the myths that there is nothing a person can do to prevent Alzheimer’s, and to highlight just how much can be done to prevent, or slow, memory loss and the disease in many cases. Healthy lifestyle choices, starting from a young age, can make a big difference. Even adjusting lifestyle at older ages can still have a positive impact on fighting the disease. Continue reading “Maria Shriver Shares Brain Health Tips from Leading Experts”

Meet Marcee Corn and Susan McCulloch, authors of “Unclaimed Baggage”

UnclaimedBaggageCoverBy Marcee Corn

Unclaimed Baggage is our personal story about Martha, our mother, and her journey through life and ultimately through Alzheimer’s disease. Our account is told in snippets of anecdotes from our Continue reading “Meet Marcee Corn and Susan McCulloch, authors of “Unclaimed Baggage””

Meet Arthur Levine, author of WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING

KidsLogoORIGINALFILEBy Arthur Levine

Last night I lit a Yahrzeit candle for my father, who’s been gone for two years. And I decided, at the last second, that rather than sing a traditional prayer, I’d just sing a few lines from one of his favorite Broadway tunes. It made me smile in a moment that was otherwise sad. Continue reading “Meet Arthur Levine, author of WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING”

Meet Karen Malena, author of “Love Woven In Time”

love wovenBy Karen Malena

Love in the senior years: A true inspiration to me. My parents are married over sixty years as of this writing. Sixty years of ups and downs, good health and bad, happiness and sadness. But one thing Continue reading “Meet Karen Malena, author of “Love Woven In Time””

Meet Carol Howell, author of “Let’s Talk Dementia”

CarolHowellBy Carol Howell

My mother, Vera, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in October of 2006. That was the day my world changed – forever. I will never forget (or is that statement actually true?) the day I received the phone call. “Mrs. Continue reading “Meet Carol Howell, author of “Let’s Talk Dementia””

Meet Marsha L. Burris, author of “Miracles All Around Me”

Miracles BookBy Marsha L. Burris

My parents raised four children in a small community located near Charlotte, NC where they were active in social and church affairs. Jim coached Little League and Rusty directed the polling place in our Continue reading “Meet Marsha L. Burris, author of “Miracles All Around Me””

Meet Tanya Ward Goodman, author of “Leaving Tinkertown”

tanyapromocoverBy Tanya Ward Goodman

I grew up in in the mountains of New Mexico in a roadside attraction built by my father.

With the exception of, “I love you,” I have probably spoken this one sentence more than any other. I defined myself as the daughter of Ross Ward, the man who created Tinkertown Museum.  Continue reading “Meet Tanya Ward Goodman, author of “Leaving Tinkertown””

Meet Karen Kaplan, author of “Encountering the Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died”

By Karen B. Kaplan Encountering the Edge_front(1)(1)

It can get lonely carrying on with this job that most people think I must be a “little strange” to be doing. “You’re a hospice chaplain? Isn’t that morbid to be doing that?” Someone felt my going so far as to Continue reading “Meet Karen Kaplan, author of “Encountering the Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died””