Contact is a not-for-profit website run by a team of volunteers. AlzAuthors features books and blogs about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and topics related to caregiving. We post a new author each week and receive requests for inclusion from writers worldwide. The website is fast approaching 150 authors. There is no cost to you to be a featured author on our site.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting to AlzAuthors, please know that we accept memoir, fiction, nonfiction, poetry and blogs.Posts on AlzAuthors are designed to introduce books and blogs as resources for readers. Books must be published and available for online orders from key retailers.

It is also beneficial for writers to have an established online presence. Each book, blog and writing submission undergoes a thorough evaluation and must meet established standards of excellence to be selected.

If you choose to submit to AlzAuthors and are selected, you will be among an elite class of authors writing about the most important disease of our generation.

To be considered for inclusion in AlzAuthors, contact us by email at

Jean LeeJean Lee

Website: Alzheimer’s Daughter

Twitter: Jean Lee

Facebook: Alzheimer’s Daughter, Book

Direct Email:

Marianne SciuccoMarianne Sciucco

Website: Marianne Sciucco’s Adventures in Publishing

Twitter: Marianne Sciucco

Facebook: Marianne Sciucco, Author

Direct Email:

Vicki TapiaVicki Tapia

Website: Somebody Stole My Iron

Twitter: Vicki Tapia

Facebook: Somebody Stole My Iron, Book

Direct Email:

Kathryn Harrison

Website: Weeds in Nana’s Garden

Twitter: Kathryn Harrison Art

Instagram: Kathryn Harrison Art

Direct Email:

Ann Campanella

Website: Ann Campanella

Twitter: Ann Campanella

Facebook: Motherhood Lost and Found

Direct Email:

Irene Olson

Website: Irene Frances Olson

Twitter: Irene Olson

Facebook: Redmond Writer

Direct Email: