Meet Gerda Saunders, author of “Memory’s Last Breath”

By Gerda Saunders

A few days before my sixty-first birthday, I was diagnosed with cerebral microvascular disease, which is the leading cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. My mother also had dementia. Continue reading “Meet Gerda Saunders, author of “Memory’s Last Breath””

Rose Lamatt, author of “Just A Word”

Just a Word coverBy Rose Lamatt

When I found Carol’s little black date books in storage and my recordings of Carol’s fight with Alzheimer’s, I knew I needed to combine the two and write a book. That’s what I did, so others would know this awful disease.
Continue reading “Rose Lamatt, author of “Just A Word””

“Fran’s Song: My Mother’s Triumph Over Alzheimer’s”

My name is Fran, 13,psdBy Ron Cooper

Every day in the Alzheimer’s ward of Mom’s nursing home, she and her fellow residents engaged in exercises to strengthen their minds. One day, the activities aide held up a flash card of a tree and asked Mom and her Continue reading ““Fran’s Song: My Mother’s Triumph Over Alzheimer’s””

Secrets, Stigma, Silence, Reticence

JeanLeeBioPic   Secrets by Jean Lee

JlfZgZ2I   Stigma by Marianne Sciucco

screen   Silence Is Not Golden by Shannon Wiersbitzky

Version 2   Reticence by Vicki Tapia

Secrets by Jean Lee

If you have not been a caregiver–if you’re not living with the disease, you may not understand the concept of secrets when dealing with Alzheimer’s.

If I had been an observer I would have thought, why would anyone keep a diagnosis a secret? Continue reading “Secrets, Stigma, Silence, Reticence”