Brian Kursonis: Early Onset Alzheimer’s Patient and Advocate Has a Heart to Help

by Ann Campanella

Brian Kursonis, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s, and I met for the first time back in April of 2017. He showed up at the memory care facility where I was doing a reading from Motherhood: Lost and Found, a memoir about my mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s. He had reached out to me a few months earlier after seeing some posts on social media about my mother’s illness. Continue reading “Brian Kursonis: Early Onset Alzheimer’s Patient and Advocate Has a Heart to Help”

Meet Niki Kapsambelis author of “The Inheritance”

The Inheritance book cover FINALBy Niki Kapsambelis

On a drizzly April day in 2009, I walked into a hotel suite in downtown Pittsburgh to meet members of a North Dakota family stricken with a rare genetic mutation that guarantees early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

My life changed profoundly that day. Up to that point, I knew precious little about Alzheimer’s. I was a journalist on Continue reading “Meet Niki Kapsambelis author of “The Inheritance””

Meet Paul M. Hornback, author of “God Still Remembers Me”

godstillremembersmecoverBy Paul M. Hornback


I’ve been living with early onset Alzheimer’s disease for over seven years. Soon after my diagnosis, God kindled within me a deep desire to do something positive for people who were struggling with this disease. I wanted to help them maintain their faith as they face the challenges of living with early to mid-stage dementia. Continue reading “Meet Paul M. Hornback, author of “God Still Remembers Me””

Michael Ellenbogen adds to the U.S. Congressional Record

Michael EllenbogenOur friend, Michael Ellenbogen, who lives with early onset Alzheimer’s wrote the following piece which was added to the U.S. Congressional Record on September 21, 2016.

I am so thankful to be still here. Many of my friends who were living with dementia have died and others are no longer capable of speaking. I am one of the lucky ones. Continue reading “Michael Ellenbogen adds to the U.S. Congressional Record”

Rose Lamatt, author of “Just A Word”

Just a Word coverBy Rose Lamatt

When I found Carol’s little black date books in storage and my recordings of Carol’s fight with Alzheimer’s, I knew I needed to combine the two and write a book. That’s what I did, so others would know this awful disease.
Continue reading “Rose Lamatt, author of “Just A Word””

Meet Marsha L. Burris, author of “Miracles All Around Me”

Miracles BookBy Marsha L. Burris

My parents raised four children in a small community located near Charlotte, NC where they were active in social and church affairs. Jim coached Little League and Rusty directed the polling place in our Continue reading “Meet Marsha L. Burris, author of “Miracles All Around Me””

Meet Tanya Ward Goodman, author of “Leaving Tinkertown”

tanyapromocoverBy Tanya Ward Goodman

I grew up in in the mountains of New Mexico in a roadside attraction built by my father.

With the exception of, “I love you,” I have probably spoken this one sentence more than any other. I defined myself as the daughter of Ross Ward, the man who created Tinkertown Museum.  Continue reading “Meet Tanya Ward Goodman, author of “Leaving Tinkertown””

Meet RJ Thesman, author of the Reverend G Series

 RJT - pic for 2nd bookA Trilogy by RJ Thesman

“We have to park here,” Mom said, as I drove her to the grocery store.

“Why here? Why in this particular spot?”

“Because…when we come out, we’ll know where the car is.” Continue reading “Meet RJ Thesman, author of the Reverend G Series”