AlzAuthors Turns 6 in June and We’re Celebrating!

Happy Anniversary AlzAuthors

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It’s hard to believe that what we thought would be a one-month initiative to help raise awareness of dementia, and market three books, has become a global organization of nearly 300 authors with a robust website, weekly blog posts featuring new authors, a podcast, a bookstore, in person events, 501(c)(3) status, and friends who are more like sisters. Our little initiative has grown far beyond our dreams or expectations. AlzAuthors turns six years old this month, and it’s time for reflection. Plus, we have several special events planned to celebrate. Please join us.

But first, the pandemic.

Being on lockdown did not hamper us at all because we have always met online, via Zoom, or Google Meet, or Facebook Messenger. The five members of the management team are spread across North America and have only come face to face once, so we’re used to working on screen and online, using our Slack workspace daily to communicate, do the work, and plan for the future. We were able to continue with the weekly blog posts and launched a podcast, bringing much needed resources to Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers at a critical time.

Sadly, we were forced to step away from our in-person events with the Traveling Libraries, presentations, and book clubs. But we started the Dementia Care During COVID Video Series to bring comfort and support to dementia caregivers and their loved ones locked in due to the the virus. We created an Amazon Book Club to showcase our authors’ books and to find new readers. We’re collaborating with HFC on a new Summer Book Series. And we’re launching a series of Virtual Q&A’s called Everything You Always Wanted to know About Dementia But Were Afraid to Ask, our biggest endeavor yet.

Our Volunteers

In the last year we added two ambitious, creative, and dedicated assistant managers to our management team who not only help us with the day-to-day duties of running such a large organization but make us look good while doing so. Susan Landeis, author of In Search of Rainbows and Optimal Caregiving, came on board to help us with our social media, creating beautiful graphics featuring our authors and their books to fill up our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn feeds every day. Gincy Heins, author of Before the Diagnosis: Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia, signed on to help us with our bookkeeping and ventured into acquisitions, bringing new authors and their books to join us, and spearheading the Dementia Care During COVID Video Series. We are so grateful they reached out to share their time and talents with us.

We’re also grateful to our volunteers who shared their stories of life with dementia during COVID in our video series or supported us with various other projects:

  • Peter Berry, author of Slow Puncture: Living Well with Dementia, with Deb Bunt
  • Ann Campanella, author of Motherhood Lost and Found
  • Richard Creighton, blogger at Living with Alzheimer’s
  • Miriam Green, author of The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver,
  • Gincy Heins, author of Before the Diagnosis: Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia
  • James Russell, blogger at Nevertheless Dementia, We Persisted
  • Deborah Lyn Stanley, author of Mom & Me: A Story of Dementia

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Some thoughts on our 6th Anniversary

Vicki Tapia, author of Somebody Stole My Iron: A Family Memoir of Dementia: “When Marianne, Jean and I joined forces to promote our dementia-themed books in 2015, we did not envision that six years later we’d still be working together. We’ve had the privilege of elevating over 270 authors and bloggers through our website, social media, podcast and book club, adding other dedicated volunteers along the way. I look at our union as the last gift my parents bestowed upon me. If, in some way, AlzAuthors is able to reduce the silence and stigma of a dementia diagnosis, we will have succeeded in our mission.”

Jean Lee, author of Alzheimer’s Daughter: “We believe our lost loved ones brought us together to heal one another and support those currently on the path.”

Susan Landeis, author of In Search of Rainbows and Optimal Caregiving: “We were all brought together by our shared experiences and a deep passion for helping others. I am inspired by these brave authors who share their stories and deeply honored to promote these works to support the mission of AlzAuthors.”

Marianne Sciucco, author of Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story: “AlzAuthors emerged from the pain, suffering, and loss of those we have loved to dementia. It is our belief that they were not lost in vain. Through our work to bring awareness of these diseases and support to those who live with them we honor them and cherish their memories.”

Kathryn Harrison, author and illustrator of Weeds in Nana’s Garden and I Smile For Grandpa: “I am privileged to be part of such a collaborative global effort, where we stand as a community united to support others on this journey.”

Anne Campanella, author of Motherhood Lost & Found and What Flies Away: ”I am inspired every day by the hearts of our management team, our volunteers and our authors. It’s a gift to be part of this network of like-minded people who are working to help light the way for others on the dementia caregiving path.”

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Anniversary Events

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June 1 – Untangling Six Years of AlzAuthors: A Podcast 

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We’re kicking off our 6th anniversary celebration by bringing the entire team together to talk about what goes on behind the scenes of this global organization of authors. 

Listen in on June 1st when we talk about upcoming events and projects and plans for the coming year. You’ll learn about our acquisitions process, which is how we find the great books and blogs in our collection, how to become an AlzAuthor, our new book club with Amazon, and how you can help to support our mission to bring quality resources to caregivers and others concerned about these conditions. Be sure to check the show notes as they are packed with information on how to get more from AlzAuthors. Listen here. 

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June 8 – Summer Book Series with HFC Launches

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AlzAuthors is once again working with HFC to present a Summer Book Series for Alzheimer’s and dementia families and caregivers. This program is open to anyone interested in learning about these conditions. There is no cost. All participants must pre-register to reserve their seat.

Each month one of our authors will meet with readers and caregivers online to discuss their book. The authors will talk about their own dementia journeys and why they chose to write about them. They’ll be available to answer questions. This is a wonderful way to learn more about dementia and caregiving. There is no need to read the book prior to the discussion, although this may be beneficial. Featured authors:

  • Peter Berry, author of Slow Puncture: Living Well with Dementia; June 8
  • Daniel Potts, MD, FAAN, author of A Pocket Guide for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver, July 19
  • Loretta Woodward Veney, author of Being My Mom’s Mom, August 10

For more info and to register visit our website.

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June 15 – Virtual Q&A: Living with Early Onset Dementia

We’re hosting our first Virtual Q & A featuring five of our authors currently living with early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia on Tuesday, June 15th at 10:30 am EDT. Join us for:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dementia… But Were Afraid to Ask

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This event is an opportunity for caregivers, healthcare professionals, and others concerned about dementia to ask questions to those who have the brain condition that affects 47 million people worldwide. In this 60-minute session, participants will be able to submit questions for the authors to answer, providing much needed information to help dementia caregivers and professionals better understand the condition and their loved ones and clients. Five of the organization’s authors will be present to answer questions:

  • Michael Ellenbogen, author of From the Corner Office to Alzheimer’s
  • Gerda Saunders, author of Memory’s Last Breath: Field Notes on My Dementia
  • Wendy Mitchell, author of Somebody I Used to Know: A Memoir
  • Jennifer Bute, MD, author of Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope
  • Peter Berry, author of Slow Puncture: Living Well with Dementia 

There is no fee to attend this event, but participants must register ahead of time. Attendance is limited so early sign up is encouraged. Register here.

For more info visit our Q&A post.

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June 17 – Father’s Day Book Giveaway

Mark your calendar! Starting on Thursday, June 17 through Monday, June 21 our second anthology, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiving Stories, 47 Authors Share their Inspiring Personal Experiences, an AlzAuthors Anthology, Volume 2, will be available for free on Kindle.

This book makes a lovely addition to a caregiver’s library. Please share this offer with family, friends and followers, support groups, care homes, etc.

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How to Help AlzAuthors

Our mission is to provide quality resources for those concerned with Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you would like to help here are several ways you can support us:


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Thank you for supporting us. You’re behind everything we do.

Remember: You are not alone.



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