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Support Care Homes, Senior Centers, Memory Cafes and More started out as an online resource where people could find quality books to support their journey with dementia – whether they were caregiving or living with dementia.

Now, we are bringing these books to locations  – care homes, senior centers, support groups, memory cafes, senior living communities, in-home care organizations and personal and professional libraries – where the need is the greatest. When placed together, these books take on a vibrant life of their own. 

With our newly designed bookends we can create collections of any size! 

*If outside the U.S., please contact us for options, pricing and shipping information. Book selections for Custom Caregiver Collections are to be approved by AlzAuthors Management Team.

Why Order Our Collection?

Ordering the custom caregiver collection from AlzAuthors ensures quality, meets your specific needs, and saves valuable time. With carefully vetted books selected to address your unique situation, you can trust that you'll receive the right resources without the hassle of searching through multiple platforms.

Ensures Quality

All of our books have been carefully vetted by our editorial team to meet strict quality guidelines.

Meets Your Needs

Your Custom Caregiver Collection will contain books that are carefully selected to meet your specific needs.

Saves Time

Our curators have insider knowledge to what caregivers in different situations are looking for, saving you valuable time.

AlzAuthors Custom Caregiver Collections
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  • 15-Book Collection – $349* (save $100 off reg. price of $449)
  • 20-Book Collection – $449* (save $100 off reg. price of $549)
  • 25-Book Collection – $549* (save $100 off reg. price of $649)

Prices include shipping within the continental U.S.*

Custom Caregiver Collections may be expanded.  Additional books can be ordered at a price of $20/book*. 

Each collection comes with specially designed Bookends describing the resources it contains. For no extra charge, you have the option to include a Brass Engraved Memorial Plate, with a statement of your choice. Use it to honor a loved one!

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Custom Caregiver Collections

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