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Meet Sarah Bearden Smith, author of Broken Beauty

By Sarah Bearden Smith Writing a book was never a dream of mine. A stay-at-home mom driving an SUV, aka “shuttle bus,” I carpool kids to and from school, soccer, flag football, lacrosse, basketball practices, games, and tournaments. As I became a caregiver to Mom, God...

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Meet Barbara Smith, author of "Still Giving Kisses"

By Barbara Smith I am an occupational therapist, specializing in developmental disabilities. I had never planned to work in the area of geriatrics. But when my mother developed Alzheimer's disease, I was thrust into the world of home care, Medicare, assisted living...

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Meet Michelle Spray, author of "Lost Memories Found Hope"

By Michelle Spray I truly feel honored to be included as an integral part of the AlzAuthors group. Not only have I written a book that will make my grandmother proud, I have lived the caregiving experience one hundred percent. I was Grandma’s primary caregiver for...

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Meet Tamara Prosper, author of "The Elders"

By Tamara Prosper Ever since I can remember trying to navigate through grief, frustration, anxiety, anger and sometimes even joy, writing has been the compass that lead me to equilibrium. Seven months after uprooting my family by moving from our home in a major...

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Meet Ellen Smith author of "Reluctant Cassandra"

By Ellen Smith Reluctant Cassandra came to me first as a title. I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology and especially with the character of Cassandra. She was given the gift of prophecy along with the curse that her warnings would never be believed. In Greek...

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Meet Gincy Heins, Editor of Before the Diagnosis

By Gincy Heins As I was texting a friend who would be meeting my family for the first time, I realized she would never know so many aspects of my husband, and I started to cry. She would never know the person who talked easily and could captivate people with his...

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Meet Richard Creighton, blogger of "Living With Alzheimer's"

By Richard Creighton Why would a 78-year-old grandfather who doesn’t like to write become a blogger? The answer lies in my personal experience before my wife Kate was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011. We played a major role in caring for our parents. There was a lot...

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Meet Susan Cushman, author of "Tangles and Plaques"

By Susan Cushman “The upside of Alzheimer’s; new mother.” (Smith’s Six-Word Memoirs) My mother, Effie Johnson, was second generation Alzheimer’s. Her mother, Emma Sue (for whom I was named) died from Alzheimer’s when she was 87 years old in 1986, in the same nursing...

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