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Here, you’ll discover our collection of e-books designed to support caregivers and families embarking on the journey of dementia or Alzheimer’s with their loved ones. These invaluable resources contain essential tips, insights, and practical advice to help you navigate the complexities and challenges of caregiving with confidence and compassion. Whether you’re seeking guidance on communication strategies, coping mechanisms, or understanding the disease process, our collection offers diverse perspectives and expertise to assist you every step of the way.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiving Stories, an AlzAuthors Anthology, Volume 1

This anthology curated by offers a diverse collection of writings, including memoirs, novels, nonfiction, poetry, children's books, and blogs, meticulously chosen to offer support and knowledge to those affected by Alzheimer's and dementia.

Caregiver Tip Sheet: 6 Helpful Tips for Caregiver "Mistakes"

There is no instruction manual or guidebook for caregiving. Most of us learn "on the job" and sometimes we make mistakes. In this booklet, Irene Frances Olson, author of Requiem for the Status Quo, shares what she learned from mistakes made when she cared for her father on his Alzheimer's journey.

Caregiver Tip Sheet: 10 Tips to Create a Holiday to Remember

Kimberly Best, RN, MA, a professional mediator specializing in family dynamics, provides tips for managing holiday stress when a family member has dementia. She shares valuable insights from her book "How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story."

Caregiver Tip Sheet: 13 Helpful Tips for the Long-Distance Caregiver

Marianne Sciucco, a long-distance caregiver for her stepfather with frontotemporal dementia while supporting her frail mother in Massachusetts from New York, offers valuable tips to ease caregiving challenges, emphasizing self-care to prevent burnout, drawing from her experiences as a registered nurse and founder of AlzAuthors.

Caring for a Mother with Dementia

Our latest booklet, "Caring for a Mother with Dementia," compiles 15 compelling memoirs to offer guidance and insight for caregivers, featuring diverse stories from various perspectives. This free resource provides links to further information about each title, including personal essays from the authors and where to purchase for in-depth reading.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiving Stories, an AlzAuthors Anthology, Volume 2

Volume two of this anthology curated by warmly embraces readers into the realm of Alzheimer's and dementia literature, offering a diverse array of writings, meticulously selected to provide solace and insight for those facing these conditions.

Caregiver Tip Sheet: 6 Tips to Manage Potential Family Conflicts During the Holidays

Holidays can bring both joy and stress, especially when unresolved issues and difficult relationships arise, but with guidance from professional mediator Kimberly Best, you can navigate these challenges and create meaningful experiences with loved ones.

Caregiver Tip Sheet: 12 Tips for Care Partners in the Kitchen

Melissa Bernstein, an occupational therapist and former caregiver, shares tips in her booklet for turning cooking into quality time with your care recipient. As the author of "The Power of 5 Test Kitchen Cookbook Caregiver Edition," Bernstein offers insights on making meal preparation meaningful while spending time together.

When Dad Has Dementia

This booklet includes samples of memoirs written about caring for a father with dementia from the authors at, the global community of authors writing about Alzheimer's and dementia from personal experience to light the way for others. May one of our authors speak to your experience.

Poetry for the Dementia Journey

In this booklet you'll find information about 17 collections of poetry written from the persepctives of people living with dementia or caring for a loved one with the condition. Each entry includes an excerpt from the author's writing on the website with a link to that post so you can read more about the book, author, and their dementia journey.