Blogger Gail Gregory Asks: Am I Too Young for Dementia?

Gail Gregory blogger at Too Young for Dementia?

By Gail Gregory

I started to write a blog quite soon receiving my dementia diagnosis.

I felt so lonely, I didn’t know where to turn.  If I felt like this, how many other people felt the same after receiving their diagnosis. So, I decided to write a blog

I suppose at first when I started writing I used my writing as a release.  This was a way to get my frustrations out

I then realised I was documenting something quite special, this was a new chapter in my life.

This was a New beginning

This was My Dementia Chapter.

I was hoping by documenting my story it would give a true representation, possibly a better understanding and greater knowledge of this disease.

What it is like to live on daily basis with my sidekick Alzheimers

It saddened me when I kept having to explain to people that dementia is not just an old person’s disease, that dementia is not just about forgetting.  It’s a whole lot more that just forgetting where you have left your keys!

Everything seemed so negative regarding dementia, it was so depressing.

The medical professionals give you your diagnosis like it’s the end!  I looked at dementia as a positive. My new beginning, My new chapter.

My blog is truthful and authentic it is how I live with Early onset Alzheimers.  It covers good days and bad days, but most of all it focuses on things I can do

Just because I have a diagnosis does not mean my life has to stop!

I am turning this round and making it a very positive Journey.

I walk every day, some walks maybe short but I am always out walking in the fresh air with my four legged friend.  I have a camera with me so I can take lots of photos.  Photos are great memories so not only am I outdoors in the fresh air, but I am also creating lots of beautiful memories.

I craft and love to share on my blog what I have made.  That’s another thing we can still learn new things, it might take a little longer and a little more patience, but we can still learn.

Dementia should be about what we can do, not what we can’t!

In think the most important topic for me in my blog is that there is always a positive, even in a bad day, you can always find something good.

Just because I have dementia doesn’t mean I can’t

You have to look for new ways, you may have to adapt new skills. There are always new ways of doing things.

Dementia is not the end it’s a whole new beginning

So, live your life and surround yourself with the things you love to do.

Do the things that make you happy.

This is your life so go out and live it

I hope by writing and publishing my blog it helps others to understand that dementia is more than just memory loss

If I am able to bring comfort and understanding to one person though their dementia journey that is a fantastic achievement

About the Author

My Name is Gail and I’m 56 years old

I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 54 on February the 14th 2019

I don’t look at my diagnosis negatively 

This is a new chapter in my life 

My dementia chapter

Over the last two years I have entered a whole new world.  

New ways to keep me occupied and keep my brain active.

I love walking with my dogs, taking photos of nature and crafting

I love to craft and share my work and encourage others to have a go.

Crafting keeps me positive, gives me a purpose a sense of achievement, it brings people together.

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