Rewriting the Dementia Narrative: How “Keys Bags Names Words” Shatters Stereotypes

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By Christy Byrne Yates, California, US

In this episode of Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia, hosts Marianne Sciucco and Christy Byrne Yates are joined by guests Cynthia Stone and Caroline Prioleau to discuss their documentary film “Keys Bags Names Words.”  An audience of viewers also joined them. They had each watched the film on their own prior to the discussion using a link provided by AlzAuthors.

The film explores the experiences of individuals and families affected by dementia and highlights the importance of community support and education. Cynthia and Caroline share their personal journeys and explain how their own encounters with dementia impacted their work on this powerful film. They discuss the process of creating the film, including obtaining footage and incorporating personal stories. The episode also delves into the impact of the film and the goals behind it, such as changing perceptions of dementia and promoting understanding and support. The conversation is filled with heartfelt stories, valuable insights, and practical resources, making it a must-listen for caregivers and anyone interested in Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In this episode, you will:

  • Gain valuable insights into Alzheimer’s and dementia, empowering you to better understand the conditions and provide compassionate care.
  • Understand the unique challenges faced by dementia caregivers and strategies to overcome them.
  • Discover practical strategies for navigating the challenges of dementia caregiving, helping you feel more equipped and supported in your role.
  • Explore a thought-provoking film about Alzheimer’s and dementia, sparking meaningful conversations and raising awareness about these conditions.

Viewers Said:

“I love the sentiment of the woman who started out being isolated in her diagnosis and then left the comfort of that isolation and really put herself out there: “Nothing about us without us.” Beautiful. Also, the film truly spotlights the importance of being engaged, socially and otherwise. It’s a challenge that even as we get older without dementia is an important element of ongoing well being. Thank you for screening that film. I am so appreciative of that opportunity.” – Irene Frances Olsen, author of Requiem for the Status Quo

“This is a profound, informative, and beautifully filmed and produced film. You should be up for a documentary Oscar!” – Mary Crescenzo, author of Planet Alzheimer’s The Planet Alzheimer’s Guide: 8 Ways the Arts Can Transform of Life of Your Loved One and Your Own; playwright of Planet A

“I echo the sentiments of the positivity. I’m on my third generation, first with my grandmother, then my mother, and now my sister. Your film is helping me cope. It brought me to tears as well, and almost nothing makes me cry.” – Pat Austin

So grab your headphones and tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals and families living with dementia.

Watch the film trailer

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the AlzAuthors website at to learn more about the global community of authors writing about Alzheimer’s and dementia from personal experience.
  • Subscribe to the Untangling Alzheimer’s and Dementia podcast on major podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify, or visit to listen to episodes.
  • Email AlzAuthors at if you have any questions or need assistance.
  • Consider hosting a community screening of the film to start conversations and connect people to resources.
  • Explore the hear/say Oral History Program, co-founded by Caroline Prioleau, to hear firsthand stories of lived experiences with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Educate yourself and others about brain health and strategies for preventing or delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Visit

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Christy Byrne Yates, author of Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation, is a podcast host and producer, and manager of our YouTube channel. Learn more about Christy here.

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