Trudy Matoody and Grandma Ray: Understanding Alzheimer’s with Love

Trudy Matoody and Grandma Ray: What is Alzheimer's?Marcia Ashford, Huntsville, Alabama

As a writer, I believe in the power of storytelling not only to entertain and inspire, but also to educate and inform. My latest work, Trudy Matoody and Grandma Ray: What is Alzheimer’s?, was created with a specific purpose in mind. I wanted to shine a light on the experiences of those living with Alzheimer’s and to remind readers that these individuals are still people with unique stories to tell. By sharing their journey with humor and heart, I hope to reach families going through similar struggles and provide them with a source of comfort and understanding. 

As a daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient, I understand. As someone who has experienced the impact of Alzheimer’s firsthand, I wanted to create a resource for children that would help them understand this disease and how it affects their loved ones. 

Trudy is a children’s book written for the whole family with child-friendly language and simple explanations. The book emphasizes the importance of compassion, understanding, and unconditional love. It emphasizes that even though the person may change, our love for them never will. 

The book addresses several issues. First, acknowledging to the children something is wrong with their loved one. Second, how do you explain this? Another factor is to help them realize they are still a part of your family and deserve love and respect. 

Trudy recognizes her grandma has changed. She is very confused and wants answers. Her parents invited her and her friends over for an ice cream party. There she sees her grandma eating ice cream with her hands. She is embarrassed. That is not good manners. She has to get answers. 

Her father told her and her friends a fairy tale about a beautiful princess. As she grew older, she changed. Dad said they took her to the doctor for some tests. The doctor diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s. He said the brain is like a big puzzle with lots of pieces that fit together. The princess’ brain had some puzzle pieces missing, some broken, and some pieces that were blank or just faded away. 

Now Trudy understood. That sounded just like her Grandma Ray, and she would always love her grandma, even with a few missing pieces. 

Trudy Matoody and Grandma Ray: What is Alzheimer’s? is a story of love and perseverance and emphasizes that even though our loved ones may change, we will always love them. 

The person you love will never be the same. Celebrate them for who they were, who they are now, and who they will be in the future. They may not appear to know you, but they will always feel your love. 

I believe in the power of books. As a mom, teacher, and writer, I believe you can learn a lot through words and illustrations of difficult subjects, including Alzheimer’s. You can read them anytime, anyplace. Read them over and over, gleaning added information each time. A book never says goodnight. It is always there welcoming you as you open the pages. Trudy Matoody and Grandma Ray: What is Alzheimer’s? will be a supportive guide anytime you and your children need it. 

Everyone has a story to tell. Find your own voice and share your own story. Journal or diary to create memories and support you as you go through this time in life with your special Alzheimer’s person.

Find the book on Amazon:  Trudy Matoody and Gradnma Ray: What is Alzheimers? 

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Author Marcia McGee Ashford is the founder of Heartstring Productions LLC, which supports writers, musicians, and artists with a heart for the arts. Her main goal in life is to make a difference with music, art, and writing books.

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