Gone But Not Forgotten: Bereavement Support for Caregivers

Tracy Gough, Gone But Not Forgotten: Coping with Bereavement After Dementia

By Tracy Gough

I decided to write Gone But Not Forgotten as a follow up to my first book My Dementia Journey…..one step at a time which was aimed at supporting dementia caregivers through their often rollercoaster journey with dementia. My friend had recently lost her own mum to dementia and was struggling to cope with her bereavement. The illness had had a devastating effect on her; having gone from having a loving mum, to a frail, often verbally and physically aggressive mum, who rarely recognised her own children.

It was not only my friend’s experience; I had also witnessed as a dementia nurse many families struggling to cope with their bereavement too. It is often said that families lose their loved one twice, once to the illness and then again when they unfortunately pass away.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Coping with Bereavement After Dementia by Tracy GoughWhen I researched bereavement support specifically for dementia, I was shocked to find that very little information and guidance was available. It was with this in mind that I decided to write my own self-help book, Gone But Not Forgotten. It has a similar structure to my first book, containing information and advice as well as space to write reflective thoughts in a safe and non-judgemental way. The book is entwined with inspirational quotes, meaningful poems, and helpful advice from guest writers.

It’s hard to choose one subject that stands out in my book as I’ve tried to cover a wide range of subjects to cater to a wider audience. Some of the subjects discussed in Gone But Not Forgotten are the events leading up to the death of a loved one, stages of bereavement, emotions experienced, as well as having comforting items, coping with memorable days, finding your inner strength and emerging back into some form of ‘normal’ life.

My ultimate goal when writing this book was to help and support those bereaved through dementia, especially when guidance specifically tailored to this type of ‘double’ bereavement is so limited. How we grieve and come to terms with loss is a unique process, so my aim was to guide each one of my readers through their own journey. Encouraging them to take the brave steps towards pushing away any negative thoughts, and reflecting instead on the happy memories shared with their loved one.

                            Those we love don’t go away

                           They walk beside us every day

                           Unseen, unheard, but always near

                           Still loved, still missed and very dear

                                         Author Unknown

About the Author

Tracy Gough. author of Gone But Not Forgotten: COpig with Bereavement After DementiaTracy Gough, a Registered Nurse, Life Coach and bestselling author with over 30 years of professional experience and a personal understanding of dementia within her own family too, has supported thousands of dementia patients and their caregivers. Her vision for the future is to prevent caregivers from feeling alone and to guide them through this life changing illness.Tracy is also the author of My Dementia Journey…..one step at a time.

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