For Mother’s Day: A Collection of Memoirs about Caring for a Mother With Dementia

By Marianne Sciucco, New York, USA

As Mother’s Day approaches we wish all of our readers a happy holiday weekend.

We understand that many of you may be grieving the loss of your mother, or perhaps missing the mom whom dementia is slowly stealing away. Whether you’re caring for your mom, or mourning your mom, we offer you a number of helpful resources to ease your journey.

In our newest booklet, Caring for a Mother with Dementia, we’ve gathered 15 inspiring, insightful memoirs to guide your caregiving. You will discover a variety of stories told from many different situations and perspectives. The booklet is free and leads you to more information on each title, where you will find the author’s personal essay about their book and where to buy it for deeper reading.

Download the booklet

Please share the booklet with anyone you may know on a dementia journey: family, friends, in person and online support groups, memory cafes, care homes, day care centers, medical professionals, etc.

Remember: Sharing our stories makes us strong.

Featured authors:
Ann Campanella – Motherhood: Lost and Found
Ann Margaret Johns – Counting Steps
Karen Malena –  A Bushel and a Peck: Hope, Healing and Unconditional Love
Kathleen Flora – Walking My Momma Home: Finding Love, Grace and Acceptance Through the Labyrinth of Dementia
Linda Jenkins – To Helen, With Love: A Memoir of a Daughter’s Caregiving Journey
Marion Agnew – Reverberations: A Daughter’s Meditations on Alzheimer’s
Miki Klocke – Alzheimer’s: Beyond Caregiving
Ron Cooper – Fran’s Song: My Mother’s Triumph Over Alzheimer’s 
Senia Owensby – Finishing Well: Finding the Joy in Dementia
Sue Anne Kirkham – Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter’s Caregiving Journal
Susan Landeis – In Search of Rainbows
Susan M Soesbe – Bringing Mom Home
Suzka Collins – Wonders in Dementialand
TA Sorensen – Where’s My Purse?
Vincent Zappacosta – Dementia-Mama-Drama

Happy Mother’s Day!

Download the booklet


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