Podcast: Tryn Rose Seley and Mary Crescenzo Untangle Dementia and the Arts

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By Marianne Sciucco

Welcome back to the podcast! This episode is a duet with two of our authors who happen to be years long friends brought together by their work in dementia care and the arts. Tryn Rose Seley and Mary Crescenzo are award winning authors and master teaching artists who have each worked for decades to empower caregivers and enhance the lives of those living with dementia. In this episode, we discuss the value of the creative arts in dementia care, how caregivers can use these modalities at home, and, for the first time, we have singing on the podcast!


About the Authors

Tryn Rose Seley (on left) is an award-winning author and a master teaching artist. Through her experiences with the creative arts, she witnesses a profound transformation in people living with dementia, from lower energy to higher energy, and more happiness and satisfaction, which leads to more comfort and success during daily routines of care. This work inspired her to write a book to teach others how to bring out the best in each other, develop positive relationships, and build trust and effective interactions between care partners. This book, 15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground, won a Firebird Book Award in the “Inspiration” category in 2022.

Connect with Tryn: Website: Caregiverheart.com ~ Email: trynrose@gmail.comFacebookLinked In


mary_crescenzo_planet_Alzheimers_guide.jpegMary Crescenzo (on right) is one of five 2022 Individual Winners of the Maude’s Awards for Innovation in Dementia Care. She is a multi-hyphenate artist working as an author, playwright, blogger, podcaster, singer, director, and actor. She is the author of The Planet Alzheimer’s Guide: 8 Ways the Arts Can Transform the Life of Your Loved One and Your Own, and has written and produced the play, Planet A. As a teaching artist for decades with an intergenerational approach, her current focus is on social engagement art for older adults, including those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Connect with Mary: Website ~ Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Alzheimer’s Speaks blog ~ Podcast ~ LinkedIn ~  Dementia Map ~ Facebook
Link to play excerpt: Planet A (originally titled, Piece of Mind)


After the Podcast


Tryn’s AlzAuthors post: Find Advice for Dementia Caregiving in Book by Tryn Rose Seley: 15 Minutes of Fame

Mary’s AlzAuthors post: Mary Crescenzo Engages with Alzheimer’s Through the Arts


15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders to Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground, by Tryn Rose Seley

The Planet Alzheimer’s Guide: 8 Ways the Arts Can Transform the Life of Your Loved One and Your Own, by Mary Crescenzo

Note: We are an Amazon Associate and may receive a small commission from book sales.

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