On the Podcast: Sandra Strauss Untangles the Toxic Brain

By Marianne Sciucco, New York, USA

When Sandra Strauss’ husband, Rick,  suddenly manifested a wide array of physical and behavioral symptoms, she was determined to uncover the truth behind the cause. Unbeknownst to them, Rick had a rare genetic predisposition that made him highly susceptible to environmental toxins–a factor that could be making countless people sick. Sandra’s journey to uncover the truth has now become a mission to help others navigate this complex terrain as she embarks on writing a book, “A Toxic Brain: Revelations from a Health Journey,” to share her experience and raise awareness.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the powerful connection between environmental toxins and the development of brain disorders and dementia
  • Recognize the crucial role of addressing cognitive decline at its roots and understanding its early signs
  • Master practical solutions to caregiving challenges such as driving limitations and effective communication
  • Uncover the importance of seeking educated and functional medical professionals when addressing dementia care.
  • Harness the benefits of prioritizing self-care, mental health, and support networks for caregivers

Sandra Strauss, author of A Toxic Brain, head shotAbout the Author 

Sandra Strauss is an experienced consumer health educator who has dedicated her career to helping individuals navigate complex health issues and promoting healthy lifestyles. With her former role as the VP of Consumer Affairs for the Fruit and Vegetable Association, she has been a strong advocate for health, harmony, and happiness. In her work, she explores the effects of environmental toxins on the brain and their role in dementia development. Sandra is the author of several books, including A Toxic Brain: Revelations from a Health Journey. 


After the Podcast

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