Cassandra Farren Crafts Moving Memoir, I’ve Lost My Mum

About Cassandra Farren I've Lost My Mum

By Cassandra Farren

Dementia is soul-destroying. Not only for the person who is diagnosed, but for anyone who loves and cares about them. I have been told many times that I have coped surprisingly well since my mum’s diagnosis in November 2014. But I am human. I still have moments when I sob over the awful injustice of watching the strong woman I once knew fade into a distant stranger I no longer recognise.

I am still experiencing the harrowing and lonely journey which has the potential to rip your world to pieces. Last year I was at breaking point when everything got too much, and I had to take my mum to live in a permanent care home. Having received very little support, I have had to find my own way. There have been countless times when I have felt afraid and scared.

Somehow, I have found the strength to share our journey in my new book, I’ve Lost My Mum.  I have bared my soul as I do not want another family to feel isolated and alone on this horrific journey.

I have lost count of the number of tears I have cried whilst writing my book. I had to relive my heartbreak over and over again. There were moments when I questioned ‘Why am I writing this book?’ but I held onto the thought that our story could make a difference to someone who needs to get through the next hour or the next day.

I believe my book can help to end the stigma that surrounds dementia by creating meaningful conversations that bring lasting change. The condition is often misunderstood so my intention was to openly share the truth of loving someone who is lost between worlds.

Publishing my book has definitely helped me to heal and I feel at peace with what I have written. It has been very cathartic, especially since receiving such a huge amount of support from my readers.

“This is a wonderful and honest insight to coping with dementia. Fantastic story couldn’t stop reading.”

“Well written and full of emotion, I defy anyone to read this book and not be moved”

“I truly believe that this book could be someone’s lifeline”

Carers have thanked me for being their voice, friends of dementia sufferers have thanked me for sharing insights into how they can offer support, and health care professionals are now reading my book as part of their training.

My mum was always a huge supporter of my work. Mum would often say to me, “If you can do something that will help just one person, then I think you should do it.”

So, that is why I have written I’ve Lost My Mum.

Cassandra Farren is the author of four books and the mother of two amazing boys. She mentors heart-led authors and has recently  been commissioned to write books as a soul-writer. When she’s not mentoring authors or writing life-changing books, Cassandra can often be found relaxing by a beautiful lake or having a dance party in her kitchen.

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