AlzAuthors Celebrates Five Years of Writing, Sharing, Inspiring, and Caring

AlzAuthors is proud to be celebrating our fifth anniversary. Launched as a simple marketing effort by three daughters of dementia in June 2015, we have grown into a worldwide community sharing our personal stories, helping to break the stigma and silence that often accompanies a dementia diagnosis. Never before has our mission of connecting caregivers with resources been more important. During this time of COVID-19, our authors have come together in new ways to support those in need. What began as individual authors writing in isolation has grown into a movement of connection and support for caregivers and those living with memory impairment. The AlzAuthors community is approaching 250 authors of books and blogs reaching thousands of dementia caregivers in need every year. And we have our readers, authors, partners and supporters to thank!

Here are a few of the exciting things that have been happening at AlzAuthors:

  • We added seven AlzAuthors Associates who volunteer their time to support our organization in various ways: helping us create our anthologies, designing promotional graphics for our authors, sharing our message on social media, doing behind the scenes website work, writing press releases, researching grants, expanding our Traveling Libraries, and more! Thank you Jay Artale, Miriam Green, Gincy Heins, Susan Landeis, Lisa Paglia, Robin Perini and Leah Stanley. Interested in joining too? Visit our volunteer page for more information.



  • During the height of the pandemic, our authors created 35 Videos of Hope sharing messages of encouragement to caregivers. We have a new page on our website where all of these videos can be viewed and shared.
  • This summer we kick off a partnership with HFC (Hilarity for Charity) with a reading room and a Summer Series Book Club. Join now.
  • Co-founder and Manager Marianne Sciucco is hard at work creating Untangling Alzheimer’s and Dementia: An AlzAuthors Podcast. We’ve partnered with the Whole Care Network to bring our message to a new audience in need of support and resources.
  • Traveling Libraries are coming soon to Montana, Texas and California.

AlzAuthors is deeply honored to be the place where so many people find the resources they need to educate and accompany them on their dementia journey. Each of our authors wrote from the vulnerability of their own experience. For five years, AlzAuthors has gathered these stories to provide comfort for those whose lives have been impacted. Our hearts remain united. Despite the confinement of COVID-19 and  the isolation of distance, AlzAuthors thrives.

Our mouths may be covered but we’ll never be silent about eliminating the silence and stigma surrounding a dementia diagnosis.


Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us celebrate five years of heartfelt work.

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