Dominick Domasky Pens Memoir, My Name Is Sharon, About His Mother

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Dominick Domasky My Name Is Sharonby Dominick Domasky

Regret, anger, uncertainty, and guilt are just a few of the feelings and emotions that led me to writing My Name Is Sharon. My mother has Alzheimer’s, and I am now a familiar stranger to her.  While she no longer knows I am her son, to me she remains my hero and I refuse to allow her to be reduced to a statistic. She was my greatest supporter, cared for my children, and put our family above all else. She deserved better, however, Alzheimer’s Disease viciously stole her from us.

I’m angry, confused, and culpable. Every decision I made was in love and with my mom’s best interest in mind, but the results of my decisions can be debated.  All along I could have done more, I could have facilitated conversations, prepared our family, but the topic was too uncomfortable. We watched helplessly as the disease ravished my mom’s memory and stole her dignity. Years later, after a fall, we decided on a memory care home. There she would take medicine, eat regularly, and have assistance when needed.  I could visit, dad could visit, and it was just a few miles from both of us. In a care home, mom would be safe.

The guilt, how was I supposed to know that the world would stop, and a global pandemic would settle in? I started writing this book cathartically, never expecting it to be read by others. I was chronicling our family’s struggle and documenting the pain. Then I had an epiphany, Sharon Domasky is more than a victim of disease. I realized as a storyteller it was my duty to try and share her light with the world.

My mission was to write a love story, but one of unconditional love, highlighting the unbreakable bond between a mother and child.

In My Name Is Sharon I attempt to put a face on Alzheimer’s Disease and explain the grief and guilt felt by the families quietly mourning the loss of the living. The loss of a loved one is never easy; however, we attempt to find comfort in the special memories we have shared together.

If fighting a similar battle, please know, you are not alone.

Bio Dominick Domasky

Dominick Domasky is an inspirational author, storyteller and founder of the inspiration sharing and publishing platform Motivation Champs. Dominick is the author of the inspirational books, The Journey of a Grunt, How to Write a Book in 2020, and creator and co-author of the hit book Go Ask Your Dad. His greatest accomplishments are his two children, and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be. Dominick and Motivation Champs share inspiration, smiles, and positivity 24/7 and help others do the same. This mission is accomplished through publishing, screenwriting, a large social media footprint, in person events and work with nonprofits.

My Name is Sharon, is Dominick’s newest book and chronicles the pain a family feels when a mother’s advanced memory loss collides with a global pandemic.

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One Response

  1. Dom,
    Little did I know when that tall funny kid kept coming into Gardners getting up the nerve to ask my beautiful young girl that worked with me (Liz) out! That 1, You two would marry( honestly I hoped) have a beautiful family, and you would go on to write so beautifully! You continue to help so many people!! I am proud to call you friend, & to say I was there when it all started!!
    Love you all!!

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