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About Edie Weinstein, Grandpa and Lucy

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Grandpa and Lucy Edie WeinsteinBy Edie Weinstein

When I wrote Grandpa and Lucy sitting at the kitchen table eating Doritos, I never thought it would become what it is now. The response that Grandpa and Lucy has elicited means so much to me. Delivering a keynote address, presenting Grandpa and Lucy as a table at different events, and speaking to audiences ranging from twenty to two hundred people has all helped me fulfill the original goal of Grandpa and Lucy, which is to reach out to those suffering from dementia and their families with some information and perspective that might benefit them.

The simple picture book was born from my own desire to unite families. I was blessed with a close relationship with my grandpa, and when I found out that dementia can block young people from connecting with their grandparents and older adults with dementia, I wanted to do something that would diminish or eliminate that barrier. I took the information presented in a Dementia Friends session that is geared towards adults and did my best to transform it into a format that children (and adults) would find entertaining, easily comprehensible, and engaging.

About Grandpa and Lucy, Edie WeinsteinSince its publication, Grandpa and Lucy has sold over 1330 copies. I have trained over 600 people to be dementia friends by reading the book and asking people to take on a simple action item. The book is available in twelve libraries in three states. I have been interviewed for a video on TPT MN Original, an online article for those 50+ by TPT NextAvenue, and by Cathy Wurzer from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR).

The future of the book looks bright as well. A Spanish translation was published in early January 2020, and we hope to release Grandpa and Lucy in Chinese by the end of 2020. The story has been adapted into a play by CLIMB theatre. The play was performed at nine different locations around the Twin City metro area in September 2019, with another three to four performances being scheduled in March 2020 in Minnesota and more in June 2020 in Wisconsin. Thanks for the support, everyone!

Purchase Grandpa and Lucy here.

Edie WeinsteinAbout the Author

Edie Weinstein is a junior at Visitation High School in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. She has always loved reading, and she started writing as soon as she could hold a pencil and tap on a keyboard. She is the Opinion Editor of her school newspaper and also the leader of several other clubs and organizations. When Edie isn’t reading or writing, she can be found participating in three to five theatrical performances a year, skiing on water or snow, or playing a musical instrument.

Connect with Edie

Twitter: @InkyPuppyPaws


Instagram: @inkypuppypawsmn




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