Meet Paul M. Hornback, Author of God Still Remembers Me

God Still Remembers Me Paul Hornback

By Paul M. Hornback


I’ve been living with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease for over seven years. Soon after my diagnosis, God kindled within me a deep desire to do something positive for people who were struggling with this disease. I wanted to help them maintain their faith as they face the challenges of living with early to mid-stage dementia.

My faith has always been strong and God has blessed me in so many ways. After my diagnosis, I knew God still had a plan for my life and would continue to allow His grace to flow through me. His grace enabled me to write words of encouragement for people struggling with dementia.

I have always loved reading devotions, so it seemed natural to start writing devotions centered on living with Alzheimer’s. As I started writing, God seemed to guide my thoughts and my hands as I typed devotions filled with encouragement, peace, contentment, joy, hope, and faith.

God Still Remembers Me is unlike any other book written by an Alzheimer’s patient as it is filled with humor, joy, honesty, and praise for a God who helps me every day. In its pages you will find new coping strategies for the changes going on in your life, thoughts on planning for the future, personal methods for fighting depression, ways to share the news of your diagnosis, and positive Scriptures to rekindle your faith and draw you closer to God.

Living with this disease is not all doom and gloom as many books tend to profess. I continue to have many joys in my life, lots of activities that keep me busy, and a peace that surpasses all understanding as I deal with the daily demands of dementia. In this book, you will discover it is possible to be at peace with Alzheimer’s as you trust in the Lord.

I remain positive and faithful knowing all things work to the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. I pray you will find encouragement in the pages of God Still Remembers Me and you will draw closer to the Lord as you read. God is my sole source of strength, hope, peace, joy, comfort, and contentment along my journey with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. He can be the same for you!


Paul Hornback has faced challenges as a United States Marine Corps pilot, government engineer, lay speaker, and church leader but the greatest trial was his diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 55. With courage and positivity, Paul has turned a seemingly disastrous event into a faith building milestone while battling Alzheimer’s.

Paul has been a tireless advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness about the disease. He has spoken across the country about living positively and faithfully with the disease. He has served as a National Early Stage Advisor for the Alzheimer’s Association and currently serves as a member of the National Board of Directors for the Association.

Paul has been featured in numerous videos for the Alzheimer’s Association and the University of Kentucky dealing with clinical trial research and living with the disease. He has also participated in two clinical trials for Alzheimer’s. Paul is part of a long-term study with the University of Kentucky that chronicles his steady decline and upon his death receives his brain for further research into the impacts of Alzheimer’s disease. Paul and his wife live in Hodgenville, Kentucky and have three grown children.

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  1. …thankyou Paul…..I too am living with EOD, and God has always looked after me all of my life, and continues to do so….Tony Hogben, Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia.

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